Monza, Italy – Re a meeting and the next one on Libya, borders, ENI…


On Sunday 17th December the third meeting to organize solidarity with the comrades investigated for the demo at  Brenner was held in Monza. First of all the initiatives carried out on 12th December to link the remembrance of the Piazza Fontana massacre to the massacres carried out today by the Italian State against those trying to flee from Libya were gone over briefly. Even if they were mostly small initiatives, the good point is that they were held in a dozen cities simultaneously, at least breaking the deafening silence over what the Italian government and ENI are doing in Africa (among other things the meeting was held right in a disused ENI petrol station, which had been occupied a few days earlier).

Added to the intervention in Libya there is now another one in Niger, again under the pretext of the ‘struggle against human traffickers’. A military intervention – decided hurriedly before the end of the legislation, as proof of the interests at stake – with quite an emblematic name: ‘operation shutters’. Now that the role of Italian capitalism has been reaffirmed in Libya, they are now looking at the bordering countries in the south, thus making the ex-colony an open prison.

Then the idea of doing an articulated initiative at different moments against ENI in Milan  was discussed. As it doesn’t often happen that comrades from various cities gather to organize something together, and considering the interest still shown on the issues discussed, there is now a need to understand calmly and well where and how to act.
As there were several comrades from Lecce present, the final part of the meeting was dedicated to an update and discussion on the struggle against the TAP (an undertaking that doesn’t only have to do with war in general but Eni interests in particular). The call is to organize initiatives and meetings on the struggle underway in Salento in various cities.The next meeting is to take place again in Monza, at Boccaccio, on Sunday 28th January at 11am.
Translated by act for freedom now!


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