Cyprus: Students Protest in Larnaca Traffic


Yesterday morning the area outside the Larnaca Police Station, Avenue Yannos Kranidiotis was reminiscent of the city of Athens. Hundreds of students from the Technical School Larnaca gathered outside the police station, where they made a spontaneous protest, caused by the tragic death of their friend and classmate Theakou Basil, 16 years, who died last Friday in a road accident in Alexander Avenue Panagouli near the school.
Students argue that the unfortunate Theakou, who was driving a motorcycle without a helmet or learner’s license, was being pursued by the police group “G”, so was forced to gather speed and therefore suffered fatal injuries.
Around 10:30 students of the Technical School, most of them dressed in black, marched from their school and came out in Larnaca, creating micro-episodes and causing tension. Angry students threw water bottles and other objects at the police, shouting slogans against the police, “cops, pigs, murderers” and “Basil you live, and took down the flag of the Police from the web of power and burned. ..
Indeed, at one point they even attempted to break the main entrance of the police station and came face to face with police who had formed a human cordon, but acted calmly and did not intervene. Many students wore black shirts, on which they had written “Brother Basil bon voyage, and held a large banner saying “Another brother has left us at the hands of a cop “.

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