Basile,Switzerland – Job centre attacked (31/12/2017)


Anyone who doesn’t let himself/herself be exploited enough is isolated and inflicted more and more pressure.
Unemployment allowances and other social allowances are granted only to those who submit themselves: through sanctions and disciplinary measures, people are being watched, humiliated and compelled to accept precarious jobs.
The increase in “flexibility” and “self-optimisation” means more profits for some on the one hand and precarious jobs for the majority on the other. The fact that people fall into financial troubles is wrongfully attributed to individual incapacity. This makes fundamental critique and resistance difficult.
As a consequence we destroyed the glass of the entrance to a job centre in Kleinbasel on New Year’s Eve.
We hope the action will cheer up someone in the next days.
For a new year in the struggle!

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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