Leipzig, Germany – Incendiary attack on the State’s forces of repression (31/12/2017)


Our flames against their repression!
As in many places they were celebrating the new year with uproar, drinking a toast till exhaustion, repeating promises and wishes, as if all the shit of the past could be simply swept away by a glass of wine, we had our fireworks: taking advantage of the occasion we went to the Witzgallstraße area, loaded with incendiary devices, and gave our wishes of a happy new year to cops and prosecutors. In this place the authorities of repression join forces to reintegrate young “criminals” in “the best of the worlds”, the system and its logic of exploitation.
In recent months we experienced the bases of this society: many things happened, which we lived with much discomfort, anger and incomprehension. On the one hand – just to make some examples:
— the new reform which further reduces refugees’ rights, already pretty much inhuman
— the new law concerning cops and their being armed
— the acknowledgment of AfD and a society increasingly right wing
— the G20 and its consequences: campaign of defamation and slander, raids, manhunt, public publication of arrest warrants, an attempt at creating divisions, dissociations…

On the other hand it is our very paralysis and feeling of impotence that sees the absence of a cry of protest which should followed in the face of permanent arbitrariness and the vortex that drags us more and more towards a life of total surveillance and a threatening police State. We are well aware that the fact of going out of this state of impotence won’t make the state order waver or crumble. But we have no intention to wait or to express our critique to existing conditions in the tranquillity of a basement.
Our greetings go to all those imprisoned in the struggle who don’t let themselves be crashed and who persevere, to all those who don’t dedicate their energy to dominators and the powerful, but who are looking for a free life and unlimited freedom!
The autonomous ones (A)

Lipsia [Germania]: Attacco incendiario contro le forze repressive dello Stato (31/12/2017)
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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