Italy – The Italian government’s politics in Libya


What is happening off the coast and inside the Libyan territory is truly exemplary of the vile times in which we are living.
With the shameless pretext of the ‘struggle against human traffickers’, the Italian State is lavishly financing war lords, guards and militias (those clumsily defined as the ‘Libyan government’) for the control and mass internment of the poor in flight. Patrols and refusal of entry along the Mediterranean coast, the detention of about six hundred thousand people in the Libyan concentration camps, the erection of a wall in the desert along the borders with Niger, Chad and Mali. The very militias that for months have enriched themselves with the journeys of desperation are now being paid to prevent them from happening. These are the very militias entrusted by ENI with the armed defence of its oilfields. Torture, violence and rape are being perpetrated in the thirty-four concentration camps every day. The important thing is that unrequested human merchandise doesn’t come to upset the dreams of order and security in Italy and Europe. The rest is none of our business, is it? After all, haven’t similar agreements also been made with Erdogan’s Turkey?
The ‘reconstruction’ that the democrats are now announcing in Libya in exchange fo

r anti-immigrant walls is the continuation of what began with their bombs. The various Libyan powers are using the arm of letting immigrants go as a weapon so that they can contend for international money and legitimacy. What every
power recognizes as ‘government’ is only the most ruthless and reliable gang of murderers.
Just as participation in the war was encouraged at the time by leftist Napolitano, it is no
w a cop of the democratic party like Minniti who is boasting today of a decrease in arrivals. In the meantime ENI ha
ve opened another nine oil fields in the thirty thousand square kilometres of Libyan territory it governs.
Other Italian companies are ready to go, bag and baggage.
Cities are being militarized in the name of so-called ‘antiterrorism’, then jihadist militias are paid for their own interests. They are blabbering about ‘democratic rights’ but the only ‘right’ millions of poor have is to drop dead. The notion of ‘inferior races’ is no longer used, but the result is the same.
As many of our own kind are plunged in terror, to attack the lords of exploitation and war is the only way not to sink into the most inhuman indifference.
Bulletin On the Italian Politcs in Libya PDF italian version

Translated by act for freedom now!

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