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We think that violence is necessary to subvert the world.
Be it a bank robbery or sabotage to a pylon, intimidation of a representative of the institutions or an incendiary attack, we believe the use of direct action is fundamental as a means for the re-appropriation of our lives. We oppose and refuse democratic instruments of protest such as petitions and sterile demonstrations of dissent because they only replicate the system of domination and exploitation in its most varied forms. The use of as much strength and intelligence as possible is necessary to overcome the huge disparity of technology and means that the State-Capital system possesses and uses so that it can act undisturbed in everyday life.
Starting from these premises we think it useful to gather as much information as possible concerning various events taking place in the Island [Sardinia]. To be seen within a perspective of replicability of the actions themselves and a stimulus to those who don’t recognize themselves in [the system] and don’t accept in any way that the humiliation and terror that the state-capital imposes be inflicted passively.
Not only openly anarchist actions therefore, but any spark of self-liberation that anyone could open up. From an individual who expropriates a bank to a rebel who sets fire to a police car, or an anarchist comrade who attacks one of the hundreds of State infrastructures in the territory…. Our solidarity and support go to all this.
Let fear change sides…
The news we are going to publish will be accompanied by category Tags.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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