France – Issue 2 of “Kairos” – French language anarchist papaer – is out (01/2018)


DOWNLOAD PDF: Kairos – Journal anarchiste  
‘In ancient Greek kairos means an idea to be caught at the right moment, a favourable occasion, a propitious moment that allows the success of an action among the risks of the world and the uncertainty of external circumstances. For this reason it is necessary to move on to practice, learn to catch this kairos, on the one hand by trying to recognize it without hiding behind the easy pretext of circumstances, on the other hand by preparing to act so as not to let this opportunity be missed.
In short, this paper represents an instrument to get out of the pure abstraction of ideas and put our discourse in a practical perspective, with the will to spread anarchist action of attack and the subversion of the world…”
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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