>Mapuche Hunger Strikers in Angol End Strike



An agreement was reached today between the 10 Mapuche political prisoners in Angol (several of whom are actually at Victoria Hospital) and the Chilean government, resulting in the end of a hunger strike for these individuals which began more than 80 days ago.
The agreement was reached after hours of intense negotiations between the Secretary General of the President, Cristián Larroulet, the prisoners, and their spokespersons.  According to Larroulet, the details of the agreement will be released on Monday, October 11th.
Jorge Huenchullán, a spokesperson for the Mapuche, said that negotiations will continue between the Chilean government and the Mapuche representatives over several issues, including land, but that the government was willing to take steps that allowed for the strike to cease. Huenchullán also stated that the human lives at stake were also a factor in the agreement, as presumably neither side wanted to see a loss of life.
There is no word yet whether the remaining four prisoners — one from Chol Chol, and three from Temuco — have also given up their strike.
All of this comes exactly one week after the majority of the Mapuche hunger strikers reached an agreement with the Chilean government and discontinued their strike. Since that time, the Chilean government has further altered the Military Justice Code, and reassigned certain cases so that they are no longer being tried under the Antiterrorism Law, both of which were parts of that first agreement (which can be found in English, here).

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