>Screws in Malandrino prison (high security Greek prisons) are applying new methods of extermination


>Fascist methods in the general penitentiary of Malandrinou are being followed by the director Vassilios Gortzias and his agents, who are not delivering letters to the prisoners, sending them back without notifying them, using safety as a pretext when the prisoner is considered ‘dangerous’.

They allege that the prisoner himself should make an application a number of days earlier with full information about the sender, even his phone number, to the Prison Council and receive the appropriate authorisation, which means that he is obliged to know when, who and what precisely is being sent to him.

All this delirium places prohibitory restrictions on the sending of telegrams or letters, deprives communication with comrades, friends and relatives, leads to the perpetration of disciplinary offences, restricts the natural propensity to satisfy elementary needs, the contact with the rest of the world and the obvious right of free configuration of personality, free correspondence, the free communication that is in any case overshadowed  by  codes and conditions. The inviolability and facilitation of free communication and secrecy are the counterweight and  weapons that we have against the moral extermination of the prisoners.



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