France – Diplomat’s vehicle set on fire (22/01/2018)


As we were strolling in the rich’s neighborhoods on Monday night, we were thinking of a way to disturb their sleep.
We don’t want to wisely wait for a possible revolution which is to come, when or how no one knows, as if falling from the sky. A revolution which won’t probably come if we limit ourselves to wisely wait for it. We thought we had to react now, destroy what is slowly destroying our lives and limiting our desires.
As we were immersed in these thoughts, we bumped into a diplomat’s big BMW at the entrance of Cardinet road.
Needless to say, the luxury car went on flames in a few minutes!
A thought for Krème, convicted following a cops’ car set on fire, whom the State intends to make pay for the revolts of spring. A thought for the prisoners who are reacting to the screws in these days.
Solidarity with the comrades on trial following operation scripta manent in Italy, solidarity with Lisa imprisoned in Germany!
Freedom for all, long live anarchy!

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!


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