Lecce, Italy – Tilt: a place for information and struggle against the TAP ( Trans Adriatic Pipelines)


A place and a paper. Tilt is a new project to try to take up a train of thought that has never been abandoned: that of an opposition to the Tap – and not only – without mediations or compromise, a radical opposition whose point of strength and rupture is constant conflictuality; not only against the Tap and all its collaborators but also against the world of politics that has approved it, the economy that supports it and the managers of order who protect it.
    A place in which to discuss, meet, exchange information, self-organize, give and receive suggestions. A paper from where to start to criticize what surrounds us, express what we have at heart.

A paper and a place with which to seek unexpected complicities, to take up again the onslaught of our boldest aspirations. A paper and a place that contribute to making protest explode.  For direct actions are needed to stop the Tap, not recourse to the courts or petitions.
A place and a paper that nevertheless won’t be for everyone. They’ll take a side, the other side – the side that believes that the perpetrators of social and ecological disaster cannot be called upon to find a solution.
So inside Tilt, and on the pages of Tilt, there will be no space for parties, unions, committees (no matter how big or small they are), mayors or journalists. For our only chance is in their defeat –  a rapid industrial tilt, an irreversible institutional tilt.
Lecce • Via Orsini Ducas 4
(On foot: from via A. Diaz, station underground passage;
by car:  Via Lequile to the end of the closed road, then left)
Place for info and the struggle against TAP
Opening on Friday 9/2/2018 from 6pm
Permanent exhibition of ideas and practices on the ongoing struggle
All the enemies of TAP and of the technological monstrosities being realized in some way everywhere are invited.
The presence of authorities, parties (big or small), leaders and would-be leaders, men and women in uniform, mayors, priests, journalist, politicians… is not welcome.
[to put in tilt means to stop functioning, stop complying with the specific requests of a certain structure or organization.]
Contacts: tiltap@riseup.net

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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