Basel, Switzerland: Sabotage against some profiteers of the prison system


The extension of Bässlergut prison for immigrants without papers is progressing, and the rage is intact. We forget nothing.
In recent weeks we have been puncturing the vehicle tyres of the following companies:
Two IMPLENIA vehicles
Two ISS vehicles
An ALPIQ vehicle
IMPLENIA and ALPIQ are companies that are not afraid to make money by extending Bässlergut so are prepared to inflict suffering on vast numbers of people. In these times of war and exploitation that are pushing thousands of people on to the roads of exile, the above-mentioned companies are deliberately closing their eyes to the fact that misery prevails everywhere and that their “building contract” will directly affect those suffering it. It is not a swimming pool that is being built there. A prison is a place for locking up and punishing people. A place of violence.

A place that flouts the dignity of humans.
People are being stalked and locked up because of their mere presence and, in the future, some will probably find themselves in Bässlergut’s cells without wanting to, captured by obedient blue-uniformed minions who are nothing but an organized armed gang, representing the interests of the rich and the powerful.
Immoral servants who never refuse to obey an order. Out of fear they are defending an economic system based on misery and exploitation, a system destined to disappear. The future does not belong to them. It is not written. Let’s take note all of us.
Thousands of people are dying on the roads of exile, the Mediterranean Sea is a mass grave, the inscription “We are not all there – The drowned are missing” is a bitter one.
Such an existent requires taking things in one’s own hands and trying not to deprive oneself of acting on reality, even if it is only a knife, a sharp object aimed at a tyre. A fast process, almost silent and easy to perform. It is important to try not to remain indifferent and become isolated in the face of all this misery. And it’s easier to be more than one, to come together, organize in coordinated groups and attack.
There are Implenia vehicles all over Switzerland. Let’s make this company pay the price for its inhuman and reactionary construction projects. Moreover, Implenia is currently building the police and justice centre in Zurich.
The ISS company is also known for its involvement in the prison world, for example in Belgium and it is also an umpteenth company offering “security” in exchange for money. The security of a few to be able to continue to exploit the majority. Our contempt for these companies remains intact – besides, all the repression in Basel will change nothing. We know who is behind the construction of Bässlergut.
Everything continues.

Posted on 2018/02/19 by Sans_Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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