Keratsini Town Hall in Athens has been raided – greece


The occupied Keratsini Town Hall in Athens has been raided; “around thirty people arrested” there

22:57 5.12.09 GMT+2 The Town Hall of Keratsini, occupied in response to the earlier police raid of the anarchist space “Resalto” in the neighbourhood, was also raided moments ago. The reports we have from people there are that around thirty people (everyone in the building at the time, this is info we’ve had from the phone) have been arrested. More info as it comes.


LAST INFORMATION: ALL ARE SET FREE! 8/12/09 athens greece

The 41 arrested in the Town Hall were set free yesterday afternoon.

The 22 arrested from Resalto were set free today at 6.30 am. They were recieved by people in solidarity and family that were standing outside the court of Piraeus. Four are set free without conditions, one has to pay a bail of 15000 euro, two have to pay 5000 euro each, six have to pay 3000 euro each, and the rest with other restrictions (can’t leave the country, have to be present at a police station every some days).

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