Italy – Updates on the appeal trial against anarchist comrade Carlo from Genoa on 07/02/18 and 26/2/18


Italy: Update on the appeal trial against anarchist comrade Carlo from Genoa (26/02/2018)
Anarchist comrade Carlo di Marco tells us that today, 26/02/2018, at the appeal trial for apology (in relation to the text “Those who don’t dissociate” in answer to “Puntini sui i“, or the dissociation that some Genoese took against comrades Alfredo and Nicola,who attacked Adinolfi) he was acquitted because there is no case (the Prosecution had asked for 3 years and 2 months).
The power of attorney will decide whether to appeal to the court of cassation or not within 90 days.
Solidarity with comrade Carlo and those who don’t dissociate!

Anarchist comrade Carlo di Marco from Genoa tells us that the appeal trial against him for defending criminal acts was held today 7th February. The prosecutor asked for 3 years and 2 months. The sentence will be pronounced on 26th February.
We recall that on 28th April 2015 the comrade’s home was raided by the R.O.S. [carabinieri special unit] and he was put under investigation for ‘public instigation to commit acts of terrorism as well as public defence of terrorist offences, particularly instigation to commit direct actions (namely violent acts with terrorist intent) as well as defence of the crime of bodily harm aggravated by terrorist intent committed against Roberto Adinolfi on 7th May 2012, an action claimed on 11th May 2012 by the Olga/FAI-FRI Nucleus’; in relation to the text ‘To those who don’t dissociate themselves’ (published on the website, and signed with the comrade’s name) in response to ‘Puntini sulle I’ [Dots on the Is], i.e. a response to the dissociation of some people in Genoa concerning comrades Alfredo and Nicola, who attacked Adinolfi.

On 15th November 2016 in an abbreviated procedure [Carlo]  was sentenced to 14 months, on charges of ‘defending criminal acts’ (article 414 of the penal code), whereas the aggravation of terrorism and recidivism was dropped.
Solidarity with comrade Carlo and those who don’t dissociate themselves!
After reading the dismal document that came out, alas, right in the city where I live, I must make a few points, and I’m only speaking for myself, so as not to end up in the cauldron of the Genoese dissociated.
What leaps out, first to the eyes then the cerebellum, is the reason why pseudo-comrades felt the urge to write a document which probably not even Don Gallo and his entire [religious] community of San Benedetto would be capable of producing.
A document that only takes into consideration the action against that piece of shit Adinolfi, as though he didn’t deserve a bullet in the leg, and mentions a few firecrackers sent here and there as if they were absolute evil. Perhaps you feel you’re being singled out?
The answer is yes, I don’t think anyone is spying on you apart from the usual ones let’s say, but the fear of being judged is getting the better of you, perhaps you are the first to think you are not doing enough, but won’t admit it, and that is why you feel you’re being singled out and so with your tails between your legs are looking for justifications for being anarchist.
Nostalgic!? But if you spit bile on those who carry out actions today, acceptable or not, what would you have said in 1900 to a certain Gaetano Bresci when he killed your tyrant: would you have called him a hardened Pistolero? And so have taken the same stance as the many “cooperativist anarchists” who were to condemn his action. Not to mention the comrade who shot at Errico Malatesta during a conference in the United States: straight to the gallows, I suppose.
For you, weapons are taboo, but how do you think it is possible to react to all the abuses that are committed every day by those who really use weapons, all the time?
As I happen to know some of you people who wrote that disgusting document I know you are (some of you at least), not young, not old, more or less my age, but the difference between me and you is that I believe in a future where comrades will no longer indulge in this media wanking because they will really have to take to the streets, not like us who are waiting for a callout for general mobilization.
And then……..why don’t you write your names instead of some, maybe, anarchists or maybe libertarians or maybe Genoese individualities?
Have the courage of your actions so that the Genoese comrades don’t have to give explanations about who did or didn’t write that document every time they go out of this fucking city.
However I think you got what you wanted, that is, to start a debate, but I think that rather than start a discussion of this kind you just wanted to dissociate yourselves so as to save your arses. At times like these in Genoa where you can see shady characters on every street corner, where newspapers are publishing police reports, raids can take place anywhere in the city, to come out with such a document is equivalent to saying it’s nothing to do with me. It reminds me of the game of good boys and bad boys… which side of the barricade you are on? Maybe the other side like you say!
I don’t dissociate myself, I’d rather have said it directly to the cops had they returned to my house for yet another raid, but you force me to take a position NOW, so that I don’t get confused with people with a guilty conscience who perhaps consider an occupation the maximum objective.
Much much more needs to be said, but I think my position is clear and so I am ending here.
Carlo from Genoa more or less!

and CNA Italia
Translated by act for freedom now!

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