Italy – Issue 6 of Vesuvio libertario [Libertarian Vesuvius] is out


Vesuvio libertario is not the name of a group or its logo: these are pure media inventions. Vesuvio libertario is simply the name of an aperiodical of anarchist ideas.
It used to be distributed at the Vesuvius anarchist circle in Via Fontana 3 in Ercolano (Naples), which was sequestrated following the episodes of 15th November 2016 and given back to the ‘owner’ by the authorities. For various reasons the owner decided not to have anything more to do with us, so we declare the experience of the Vesuvius anarchist circle definitively over.

The aperiodical is not written unanimously; we are individuals who don’t want to renounce our peculiarities. Our relations are based on basic certitudes: the rejection of politics, ‘from above and below’, and all forms of authority. The paper also wants to give information and instruments to foment the struggle against power and improve it, by offering reflexions, suggestions and methods useful to the attack and by trying to generate discussions aimed at practical actions.
Printed publications have a fundamental importance in preventing the anarchist message from falling into oblivion, carrying on revolutionary ideas and action.
Our social critique is the product of our observations in society, a subject that is adverse to our desires and projections, but which merits analysis in order to be subverted. The contents of the paper signed with pseudonyms are expressions of single individualities. This paper is an aperiodical, its coming out depends on the possibilities and availability of those editing it. It has ‘no price’ but Anarchy is solidarity among equals.
The editors of Vesuvio ​libertario
To request copies, send contributions and criticisms, write to:

via:Croce Nera Anarchica
Translated by act for freedom now!


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