Italy – The first edition of Anarchici di Bialystok 1903-1908, Bandiera Nera editions, is out.


Anarchici di Bialystok 1903-1908
“This little book is out at last following various vicissitudes. A translation was first done in 2013 by the comrades locked up in high surveillance units first in Alessandria and then in Ferrara, awaiting trial for the kneecapping of Adinolfi. The translation was later revised and extended outside the walls of prison; we are now bringing out the final version, after more episodes of repression, between the AS2 units of Ferrara, Alessandria, Rome, with the support of some comrades of the anarchist library Sabot. A small demonstration of the fact that even the down times imposed by imprisonment and censorship can’t stop ideas and will.”
Summer 2017 – ​Rome, ​Alessandria, ​Ferrara.
“Some might wonder; why rummage in such a distant past? What can these old stories teach us, anarchists of the twentieth century? We’re certainly not historians and precisely for this reason we think that the lives of comrades who came before us are of value if they transmit us strength, tenacity, coherence, living experience.”
Alfredo Cospito
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For distributors with orders over 5 copies: 7€

via:Croce Nera Anarchica
Translated by act for freedom now!

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