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A p r i l 2 0 1 0
[“what was ensured to others by some kind of a mutual good faith, for us, it is safeguarded only by fear, as our “alliance” is now based upon this fear and only, rather than any friendship”, Thoukydides, Historiae G12]
“Revolutionary Struggle” armed group live-TV arrests, terror-spectacle and brutal crackdown on peaceful community resistance.

What’s happening at the moment, is the Greek state evolving its own strategy of tension, trying on the one hand to disorientate and construct a scapegoat, in the face of its own economic and political bankruptcy and the pillaging of economic and social gains from past struggles of its subjects, through which it hopes(?) to overcome it. A pillaging, that its own impotent and already “burnt” “little parrots”  are not able to guarantee the much needed consensus, and thus it could’nt be put in any other way than as obedience to the imposition of external and higher mechanisms, such as the IMF and the EU.
The sunken prestige of Greek democracy and its -neighbourhood mobster-like- bourgeoisie (setting the paradigm: “don’t mess with us” and its primitive methodology: violence and public humiliation) makes a desperate effort to get up on its knees again, by showin off military power against its most demonised enemy: the anarchists. At the same time, they are trying to put the latter one step aback, nailed in defense, maybe even hoping for some of them to engage in a military type of vendetta, already lost from the start, but mainly to paralyze radical critique, the practical critique of the streets – where our Class meets.
English: Information on this case can be found at “Act for Freedom” blog and Occupied London’s “After the Greek Riotshttp://rioter.info/english/

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