Solidarity greetings from anarchist comrade Lisa to the Vienna ABC Days of Solidarity

Dear comrades,
I send you solidarity and militant greetings for the Giornate della Croce Nera Anarchica a Vienna – [Anarchist Black Cross Solidarity Festival in Vienna 20 – 23 April]. Although these are certainly very difficult and confusing times both inside and outside the prison walls, it is still very important not to lose the courage and determination to face this miserable and unjust world.
Resistance and solidarity against exploitation, domination and oppression are being reduced in all areas of life everywhere. Control and social surveillance are growing day by day to make us human beings more and more predisposed and efficient for the system and daily life is characterized by increasing digitalization and self-alienation, so much so that the few free spaces that still exist are being suppressed even further.
The difference between poverty and wealth continues to be enormous and very obvious and is constantly increasing, especially in the metropolis. While the economic groups and the super rich continue to earn millions and billions and invest in goods and money, also here in Western Europe we have capitalist and democratic propaganda imposed on us, masking the injustice and oppression against all those who are not part of the system or who must not become part of it. Society must be intimidated by debates on the fear about internal and external security and prefers to close itself behind walls, borders and surveillance systems rather than be supportive and free and no longer driven and deceived by politics or the economy. We must be deprived of our self-determination, so that we cannot rebel or organize ourselves against the rulers and the State, and so that the rules and laws of power, money and property that are imposed on us are not touched.
However, there are still thousands of ways to sprinkle grains of sand into the gears of this system and create resistance. Even if for the moment, we are not able to fully express our values, our ideas and our actions of freedom and anarchy, no matter where we are, we can always struggle against power and domination, as well as against those responsible for all the misery. Certainly we will have to deal with the repressive and punitive system of this State, just as all the fighters for resistance and freedom have always had to throughout history, but its walls, its bars or other “security measures” will not succeed in putting a brake on our desire, our conviction and our passion for freedom, justice and the destruction of every form of government and authority.
Lisa – JVA Willich II
GartenstraSSe 2
47877 Willich
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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