Greece,Athens: For the anarchist comrade Christos Politis…

Now I get on a carriage, like those that cross my sleep and I escape.
You will meet me again in the fairest poems of the following century.
T.Livaditis, 20 Days Moon
The 11th of March 2018 dawned leaving an unexpected gap in the anarchist scene. The big heart of the anarchist Christos Politis stopped beating filling with sadness not only his relatives and friends but every struggling part of the wider radical movement.
Christos Politis was from an early age one of the most active comrades in the movement. He participated in every struggle of the oppressed. With conviction and consequence he was always present in every demonstration, assembly, event. Always on the frontline in every action. Always in solidarity with the struggles of imprisoned and persecutes comrades, men and women. He fought body and soul for the Cause, for our freedom for Anarchy and Communism.
With his big heart and sincere smile, his spontaneous spirit and great soul, he was giving us every single day the strength to continue the struggle until victory. He was a true fighter, a revolutionary. A friend and a comrade. And most of all, an outstanding and true Human, an integral part of our bastion, who will always walk along our side. We honorably and proudly raise our fists straight up, shouting PRESENT.
We wish you a nice journey comrade. We’ll be seeing you.
Solidarity fund for the imprisoned and persecuted militants

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