Italy – Updates on Cello: house arrest refused

 14/03/2018 Updates on Cello:
An investigating judged refused house arrest in Saronno. So Cello is to remain in prison at Le Vallette. In the coming weeks a new request will be made for house arrest in another city. It also seems that immediate proceedings will be demanded for Cello, which means his trial will begin earlier and separately from the other five. No date has been fixed yet.
Cello tells us he’s doing well and he’s been in a new cell for some days, still alone, with a view on the mountains, still in B block. He goes to the exercise yard in the morning and in the afternoon and has sociality in the evening; he has access to the gym and football pitch. Visits from his family carry on regularly.
He thanks everybody for the mail he gets (telegrams, books, letters, cards). He’s reading a lot so we suggest you send books and magazines with the book form.
Our strength and determination are also his own, the spirit is high!
We give his address and details for money contributions:
Marcello Ruvidotti
C.C. Lorusso e Cutugno
Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35
10149 Turin
IBAN: IT53I0760105138235962935972
Postepay: 5333 1710 4692 8160
Here follows the statement read out during a TAZ event on the 9th anniversary of TeLOS squat:
Hi all, we steal a few minutes to the celebrations because one of us has been missing for a month now. In the night between 8th and 9th February Cello was arrested on charges of resistance and aggravated bodily harm following the events of last 31st December in Turin: that night a conspicuous group of people went to greet the prisoners outside the prison of Le Vallette, as has been happening for years. Chants and fireworks broke up the monotony of life in prison. That night, during clashes with the police, a woman cop was hit in the face by a bottle.
Besides Cello being arrested, orders of reporting to the police station and of prohibition of residence in Turin were given to 5 comrades.

Every fucking day the world of shit inundates us with violence: police violence, prison violence, the violence of fascists who try to raise their heads, of the increasingly widespread control in any street of any city, of the borders that every day break up the lives of hundreds of people, of the bosses and the rich who destroy our lands for their profits, the violence of work, rents and bills, schools and also the violence of sexism and the sad and empty relations between people more and more isolated and distant from one another.
We’re happy when a little of this violence bounces back, with a bottle in the face of a woman cop, a shit fascist tied up and beaten up in the public square, an anti riot cop beaten up with his own shield, a picket of workers who block goods circulation, a revolt in a migrants’ detention centre, a home defended from eviction, sabotage on a yard or any other clog of the world, smashed windows of cities that give more and more space to consumerism and money.
Little matters that they take us apart by repressing us if the tension that unites us every day and every night is much stronger than the bars that sometimes take us apart.
We think that the best defence is attack and the best solidarity is the struggle, so we’ll carry on the struggle that have united us in these years and will still unite us with even more love and anger; for Cello, Greg, Ghespe, for those who are no longer with us and for all those who are locked up in jail because they hurled themselves against the world. For to free everybody means to struggle more.
“Revolution is the only form of war whose final victory can be only prepared through a series of defeats”. (Rosa Luxemburg)
Freedom for all!
Fire to the prisons and the guards!
Translated by act for freedom now!

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