Protests against the G20 member Mindaugas Lenartavičius London sentenced 2 years in prison


On 1 December, on Tuesday, was jailed for two years before the G-20 aimed at demonstrators in London held in clashes with police apogee tried to ignite the bank.„Royal Bank of Scotland“ tried to ignite the Royal Bank of Scotland blinds after another demonstrator broke the windows. Video cameras showed his face as a cloud, Balaklava pull Lenartavičius still retreat to see whether the blinds already flaming. m Each time the test fails, he returned and re-establish the flame test. i. London’s Southwark district court, he finally succeeded, and from a building in Threadneedle Street, the Bank of England, the smoke began to rise.

The prosecutor Charlotte Welsh argued that his efforts have culminated in only apsvilusios blinds to the ceiling and raised svilėsių smoke. areštuotas. She added that despite Lenartavičiaus attempts to conceal his identity, the police sent his colleagues detailed knowledge of its distinctive headgear, and he was quickly arrested. lighter and Balaklava were found in his pocket.

22 year-old boy, who stayed on the Palmers Green area in the skvote, was charged April 1 met arson. In the previous hearing, where Lenartavičiui been indicted “endangering the lives of arson,” he was formally acquitted.

Who spoke the sentence the judge Geoffrey Rivlin said: “There is no doubt that with your help a peaceful protest turned violent and angry protest. Padeginėjimas is a serious matter, and the offense was committed entirely to the public. “

As punishment Lenartavičiui in excess of 12 months, he will be deported. Welsh said that Lenartavičius came from Lithuania a few days to protest against the G20 protests and was soon to return to Lithuania.

Oliver Wellingsas defender argued that his client is “pacifist” and never took the opposition in order to cause trouble. “His beliefs and attitudes are strong, he supports peaceful protests. However, it affected the power of the crowd, and perhaps the feeling that all the monitors. It is a moment to lose self-control. sHe said he did not intend harm to human life and believed it would jeopardize the “, – said Wellingsas.

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