Madrid, Spain: Riot after the death of a Senegalese migrant chased and captured by police

On the evening of Thursday, March 15 in Madrid, riots broke out in the Lavapies neighbourhood after a 35 year old Senegalese migrant, Mmame Mbage, was found dead in the early evening. According to many migrants on the spot, he died of cardiac arrest after being chased by municipal police on motorbikes. Like so many others, he had been trying to survive by selling trinkets on the pavement.

Everything would have started with a demonstration organized throughout the neighbourhood shortly after this man’s mortal chase. Cries of “police murderers”, part of the crowd threw stones, cobblestones, bottles at a fire engine and the police, who replicated including by shooting rubber bullets. Barricades made of street furniture, rubbish and dustbins were erected across the streets and then ignited, both to block anti-riot units’ access but also to attack the structures of a world of bars and borders that exploits and kills. Car-share bikes were burned, bank agencies attacked and looted.
The night of clashes ended with about twenty wounded, including 16 cops. 6 people were arrested.
[Reformulated from the press of dominion]

Posted on 2018/03/19 by Sans_Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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