Swiss,Basel: verdict of a comrade’s appeal trial

Basel: verdict of a comrade’s appeal trial
Last Friday, March 23, 2018, at 8 o’clock in the morning, our comrade appeared before the Court of Appeal of Basel on charges relating to the wild demonstration at Freiestrasse in 2010 and the protests against the “Marsch fürs Läbe” in 2013 While he was forced to endure court theatre in the courtroom, leaflets were distributed, stickers pasted and posters flyposted in the city. With this small gesture of solidarity, the trial was thus released from the courtroom.
Inside the walls of the courthouse, the prosecutor and judges made every effort to represent justice in everything that is most arbitrary. With the court’s argument that the DNA traces on a glove are sufficient to accuse our comrade of any act – whether or not he himself committed the material damage – collective guilt was weighed against him. This on the grounds that he was politicized and recidivist and because of his constant refusal to talk to the police (uh, would not that be something like a fundamental right?). The court therefore upheld the verdict of the first instance and sentenced our friend to one and a half years in prison.

We are not surprised. The fact that the judges, without batting an eyelid, destroy lives by their arbitrary interpretations and steal years of our lives only reinforces our rejection of the judiciary and confirms the ridiculousness of their activities. Still, it makes us mad because they want to lock up our friend. And our anger intensified even more when, after the verdict, the cops surrounded him and took him directly to a van. Without any notice and without explanation, they transported him to Zurich, where he was brought directly to the judge and where he is still on remand. Now it is clear that this is a new investigation by the Zurich public prosecutor.
We are angry and miss our friend. Concrete walls might separate us, but will never break our ideas and our solidarity!
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