Another Day, Another Broken Door: The Tower’s Statement on Recent Events – Hamilton, Canada

received : on 9.4.18

Early Friday morning, Hamilton police raided a home associated with some of those involved with organizing The Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair. The door was kicked in, a flash grenade was thrown into the house, and a full swat team entered. With their assault rifles drawn, the swat team proceeded to pull everyone out of bed some of whom were naked, and with one exception, put everyone in handcuffs. Three people were detained and
one person arrested. Cedar, a member of The Tower Collective and our cherished friend, was arrested, taken away, and currently remains in custody.

Those who weren’t arrested were forced to wait outside for close to five
hours, while cops “searched” the home. Similar to the fascists who
attacked The Tower last month, the police thoroughly trashed the space
and even messed with the bookshelves. All three floors of the house were
ripped apart and many things were damaged, including a collection of
framed feminist postcards that were broken into several pieces and
thrown into the bathroom toilet. Police are misogynist pigs, plain and
simple, without exception. A long list of items were seized, including
all electronics (phones, computers, cameras, external hard-drives etc.),
books, posters, zines, and a pretty random assortment of documents
(academic journal articles, translated texts from a book project, hand
written notes, event programs, pamphlets etc.).

In terms of the arrest, Cedar is facing conspiracy charges in relation
to the so-called “Locke St. Riot”. We have no desire to engage with the
politics of innocence. The concept of innocence and its flipside
criminality obscure more than illuminate – no one is innocent and the
most “criminal” amongst us run the economy and government. Beyond that,
these notions perpetuate the logic of a colonial legal system rooted in
white supremacy. That said, it is worth noting that conspiracy charges
are notoriously dubious and flimsy, and have a legacy of being used as a
tool of political persecution. They are an act of desperation intended
to cast a wide net and scare people. Such charges are *not* a matter of
engaging in a particular activity, but rather a matter of possibly
encouraging a particular activity.

The Tower is an openly anarchist project that from its inception has
promoted ideals of mutual aid and solidarity, equality, and community
autonomy, as well as direct action, class war, and fighting back. Our
politics have always included *both* gardens and riots. We want to see
people building beautiful alternatives of liberation, just as much as we
want to see people attacking structures of domination. Nothing about
this is going to change, and despite recent challenges, our project will
continue to push these ideas. We still have no tears for Locke St. and
we remain unapologetically supportive of the activities that took place
last month. It’s actions like these that can impel conversations that no
one wants to have (in this case, intensifying gentrification throughout
the city), and we see this as positive.

As things continue to unfold, it is important for people to remember
that it is never okay to cooperate with the police – do not talk to them
and do not share any information (however big or small) with them. This
isn’t a question of agreeing or disagreeing with particular tactics, but
of refusing to take actions that help facilitate state violence and
repression. Aside from discussions about Locke St., local media has been
dominated by stories of police corruption, misconduct, brutality, and
most recently murder. Less than a week ago, the Hamilton police shot and
killed Quinn MacDougall, an unarmed nineteen-year-old who had called 911
in distress looking for help. Cops are not and will never be our allies.
We gain safety and strength by sticking together and staying silent.

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