Tattoo Circus Helsinki 13.–15. April: Support event for political prisoners! – Finland

Tattoo Circus arrives to Helsinki third time! Annual prisoner support event and -festival was organised first time here in spring 2016. In different European cities Tattoo Circus have been organised already since 2007. Tattoo Circus is not limited to tattoo culture only, but provides a great program related to prison and circus themes which invites everyone to participate. The program this year features circus, tarot workshop, bingo, hairdo workshop, to mention few. There will be music performances and discussions and introductions of situations of political prisoners around the world.
Complete program will be listed in the blog:

Tattoo Circus Helsinki is a political prisoner support festival that aims to take action against repression and prisons, and to support prisoners in a concrete and tangible way. Repression as a political tool by national governments has increased in recent years and Tattoo Circus exists as one form to fight against this increased repression. Our aim is to spread information about political prisoners, and to to help out with the economical burdens of repression that prisoners face.
Tattoo Circus creates a space that brings together tattoo culture and the fight against imprisonment and repression. In the event, the tattoo artists and performers invest their time, experience, creativity and as much ink as possible to support this struggle and to become part of it. The principle of Tattoo Circus is that participants don’t profit from it – the tattoo artists and other artists do not work for their personal gain. All of the volunteers provide their time, knowledge and resources for the sake of solidarity and political views. These volunteers acknowledge that collected funds are donated to those who ambitiously fight against state, capitalism and prisons, from the inside and outside of them.
Solidarity is our weapon! Until everyone is free!
Tattoo Circus Helsinki collective

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