>Info from demo to koridallos prisons



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19th October 2010

The demo began at 19.30 roughly with about 800 people. Many undercovers in and around the surrounding small streets and two riot cop units outside of the passamondana steki. 
Were gave out a lot of pamphlets of information and threw a lot of flyers in the surrounding streets. 
The residents were very positive to the comrades. 
The demo was very intense even if it began a little numb. 
The cops followed along in the nearby small streets. 
As the crowd approached the little park opposite the male prisons the pulse became more intense.
In the park slogans for the comrades in prison were shouted while fireworks were lit which 
was the impressive part of the action (many fireworks!) After roughly 40 minutes the
crowd left from the park and on the way 
back stood for 40 minutes in solidarity to
the prisoners in the female prisons, which
was answered with chants towards the crowd. On the way back chants
were heard about the salary slavery, solidarity and against the syndicalist leaders. Pre-election posters of the communist party were ripped and a camera was broken at a “wind” shop. In the
end there was some intensity at the pre-election kiosk of the communist party but it did not become something more. 

The number of comrades that were demo today was very encouraging as well as that there were residents that joined 
the demo on the way back saying they wanted participate in 
actions more general (fed up generally from the situation 
exists with unemployment, crisis and frauds e.t.c. as they said).




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