Lecce, Italy – On the latest night against TAP: and updates on free comrade Saverio now!

In the night between 10th and 11th April the TAP began to prepare the bases for the extension of the work along the 8 kilometres of track between the thrust shaft tunnel located in San Basilio and the area designated for the reception terminal. In the early hours of the night, therefore, about forty TAP opponents gathered together.
Antiriot police and Digos were already lined up in great numbers to guarantee the transit of the vehicles carrying more tons of cement barriers. The vehicles came up against several blocks in the middle of the main road, with placing and throwing of stones to slow down police charges against the demonstrators.
The long night of struggle continued between the provincial road and the entrance to Melendugno, until another police charge resulted in the arrest of two female comrades and a male comrade. After identification, the latter was the only one to be held and be taken to the police station where he was put under arrest. The charges the local press is squawking about are resistance, violence, aggravated bodily harm, dangerous throwing of objects and violation of an order banning him from the municipality of Melendugno.
Saverio is now locked up in the Lecce prison, where in the afternoon of Wednesday 11 a large number of people in solidarity gathered shouting anger and love for our comrade, in a demo animated by music, chants, amplified greetings and fireworks.

More intense days will follow, the military occupation of TAP in Salento is stepping up, police fury is getting more and more asphyxiating. Our strength must spill out no holds barred. At the same time solidarity with Saverio is fundamental, his tenacity beats strong in the heart of our struggle, which will never be defeated by the State’s intimidations.
No enclosure, block or cell will ever stop our opposition.
UPDATE: Saverio under house arrest
The hearing of the summary procedure trial against Saverio ended a few hours ago with a postponment to 19th April. During the hearing a conspicuous group of comrades and people in solidarity waited for [Saverio] to come out to shout warm greetings.
We then learned that our comrade is to be put under house arrest with restrictions, in his home in the province of Lecce.

Posted on 2018/04/12 by Comunella Fastidiosa
Translated by act for freedom now!

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