In Lyon, we shut down the Bastion! – France

We apologize to the Town Hall for not having filed a building permit but last night we built a wall to close the social bastion to build a better future! Let’s open the borders, wall up the bastions of fascism!
To begin with we apologize to the town hall for not having registered building permit.
But we are among those who think that dealing with the town hall is at best, a sign of weakness at worst, a sign of treason. We expect nothing from these institutions.
Moreover, the administrative procedures are always long and at present, we are in a hurry.
There are those (elected or members of the government) who take tweezers to talk about the Bastion Social case, GUD, identities, etc … we take the trowel, the hammer and the brush in hand.
Since the installation of the Social Bastion in Lyon fascist aggressions have increased in our city but not only that.

Following the creation of the Social Bastion movement in several cities of France many fascist attacks have taken place especially against movements of occupation in the faculties, and in Lyon against so-called leftist places like bars, political orgs or unions. We recall that these attacks are not due solely to the fact of creation of the social bastion because many aggressions are also carried out by activists of Action Françaises, the PNF or identities and other fachos.
Unfortunately, we have all these fascist organizations in Lyon but it’s even more unfortunate for them because they all have a place that we will have fun destroying.
We will no longer remain passive in the face of these fascist groups who in addition to trying to install their stinking ideals into our lives are also trying to establish themselves in our neighbourhoods.
As antifascist activists, autonomes, individuals we will take the problem of fascism in our city full on, we do not intend to delegate this problem to the police who is the ally of fascism, nor to the policians for whom the fascists represent a tool for what they dare not do (remember the example of the attack on the University of Montpellier).
Last night to destroy fascism we built and tomorrow we will destroy to build a better life.
Let’s open the borders, let’s wall up the bastion!
Section AFArge
Self-proclaimed Masons

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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