Spain, Madrid : ATM burnt in solidarity with the anarchist comrade convicted in Germany for expropriating a bank

The early morning of April 11 a Bankia ATM in Vallekas (Madrid), on Carlos Martín Álvarez street and painted in solidarity with the comrade.
The attack justifies itself: banks are one of the main engines of state society and capitalism. The investments in prisons, juvenile centres or arms industries; grant credit to companies and states; evict and speculate with the housing, complicity with gentrifying processes among others many responsibilities in the gears of capitalism, give good proof of that … The banking system throughout its network has always been one of the greatest enemies of the exploited, and therefore, of the Anarchists, as exemplified in expropriations and sabotage which have accompanied the anarchist struggle throughout its history.
Against the submissive leftist panorama (that reaches libertarian environments) that uncritically adds itself to controlled, civic and citizen protest, is clamouring for the freedom of dirty police and politicians in full catharsis of citizenist nationalism and many others swimming in the self-complacency of victimization in social networks, we are not renouncing attack.
This small show of solidarity serves as an expression of affection and encouragement for Lisa and for the rest of anarchist comrades retaliated by the State, in Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Russia and around the world.
Solidarity is attack!
Strength to Lisa!
Long live anarchy!


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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