European Animal Liberation Gathering 2018. June 1st-3rd, Bilbao

Act for free receive: 23/4/18

A place to share practical skills and discuss strategy and tactics for
the fight against the oppression of animals and the destruction of their

We hope to build an effective network of animal liberation groups and
individuals across Europe.

There will also be a focus on how we can look after ourselves and each
other better to make our movement more resilient against repression and
other difficulties that we have to face.

The gathering will be organised using anarchist principles but that does
not mean that you have to be an anarchist to attend. The workshops will
be translated into Spanish, English and French. If you can help with
these translations please contact us in advance.

We have a website with more info about the gathering, place to stay,
practicalities…. We will be updating it soon with the programme. Link:

We will also like you to know that we will set up a room for an small
antiespecist antimarket, so we will be very happy if you bring the
materials you have to share, with or without cost (fanzines, books,
leaflets, t-shirts etc).

It would be really useful to know how many people are coming. If you are
interested in attending or if you would like to offer a workshop please

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