Les Lilas [France]: Solidarity with a ZAD from department 93 (13/04/2018)

The arrogance of power that is attacking the ZAD makes us wild. We have had enough of symbolic protests.
So, on the night of 12 to 13 April, we set fire to a car with the plaque of a foreign diplomatic corps, in the rue de la Paix (next to the police station, he he he), in Les Lilas [the outskirts of Paris, in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, n. 93, considered the most “hot” in France – although this is not the case with Les Lilas, a fairly rich municipality; Translator’s note.].
We are in solidarity with those and those who fight on the ZAD, at least with those who do not try to lay the foundations of another power, perhaps imaginary, but no less detestable.
A thought also for Krème, for the two people in jail because of the expulsion of Bure, for the person arrested in Limoges and the two of Ambert.
Solidarity with the anarchists on trial in Italy for the Scripta manent operation.
Freedom for all and everyone. Long live anarchy!
The German trail [1]
(translated from guerresociale)
[1] NdT: during the trial of the “Tarnac case” (which ended on April 12 with a general acquittal), one of the arguments of the defence was the fact that the sabotage that two people were accused of was claimed at the time by a German antinuclear group. For years already, the defence “suggested” to French justice to follow the “German trail”. We believe that this signature is a wink to this kind of defence, quite questionable. Les Lilas [Francia]: Solidarietà con a ZAD dal dipartimento 93 (13/04/2018)
(translated by guerresociale)
Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!

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