Italy – Giovanni ends up in jail too

Today, 19th April, the decision of the court of Cassation was made known, concerning the defence’s claim against the appeal submitted by Florence prosecutors last September over Giovanni’s and Pasca’s remand in custody and the restrictive measures against Nicola. Pasca was on trial a few weeks ago (because he was in Lecce at the time of his arrest, under a different jurisdiction); Giovanni’s and Nicola’s case was prolonged for a few more weeks because of technicalities, which however didn’t change the result.
As happened with Pasca, a dozen Digos vultures descended immediately upon Giovanni’s home, sneering and pleased with themselves, as they tried to provoke the comrades who were in the house with him by asking them for proof of identification.
A year and three months since the official beginning of the operations (31/01/2017), this dirty affair has increasingly inflated rather than deflated, and the State’s watchdogs are not letting it go (significantly, the attorney general of the republic got involved personally as he wanted to represent the State against the anarchists himself): of course, after deploying hundreds of men, spent several million euros and investigated dozens of people (12 thousand pages of court papers), they need to justify all this apparatus!

via: Panico Anarchico
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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