Ambert, France – Two comrades arrested in the last repressive wave have been released

Since March 27, multiple searches, arrests and incarcerations have struck anarchists and kindred spirits throughout France (Ambert, Amiens, Limoges and Toulouse for the moment).
A note to announce some good news in the environmental fog. The two comrades of Ambert, in jail since March 28, have been released under judicial surveillance following the appeal trial against custody. They have to sign twice a week and cannot see or communicate with each other and with a certain number of people.

Also, during the hearing, which was supposed to take place behind closed doors but wasn’t because the prosecutor forgot to request it, we were able to gather some information.
The only fact mentioned was an attempt to destroy the property of others, referring to an incendiary device found under an Enedis vehicle in Ambert last June. No DNA or fingerprints were found on the device.
Devices “of the same kind” were found in one of the places searched in Ambert.
As for the investigation, it had gone on for months involving telephone tapping, geolocation (of telephones), GPS detectors on at least two cars and photos of meetings between people, at the least.
Some more specific information should arrive soon.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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