Paris: Solidarity is attack

received by mail / Saturday April 7th, 2018
Two people sentenced to months locked up after deportation of Bois Lejuc. Three sent on remand recently in Limoges and Ambert.
Krème still in jail for the rookie sauce barbecue of May 2016.
We are of the opinion that the best, most worthy response to repression remains attack.
Rather than withdrawal, paranoia, taking distances, putting spokes in the wheels of power. Choosing where and when in small groups using the havoc of demos or the silence of the night.
Never surrender.
The night of April 2 to 3 we burned a car of the diplomatic corps, rue Pierre Demours (Paris 17).

Solidarity with the comrades struck by repression.
Solidarity also with Lisa in prison in Germany for robbery, and with the comrades on trial in Italy for operation scripta manent.
P.S. We believe that claims of attacks serve to explain the reasons that pushed us, as well as to motivate others. The frustration of trolling comments does not interest us. So thank you for not publishing this little text on the dustbin infested with trolls that Indy Nantes has become (already the publication of the claim for a car with a diplomatic plate, a violet Nissan Juke on March 27, was done against our will – perhaps deliberately to spit on direct action).

via:  Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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