France,Besançon: Gluing for the hedgerow

A little gluing to start the week
It is bubbling all over the area, especially in the facs and Notre-Dame des Landes …
The situation in ZAD made us boil over. As a result, some real estate agencies in the city centre had their locks glued down, with some tags on windows and facades: “NO TO EXPULSIONS IN NDDL”, “ZONE TO BE DESTROYED”, squat symbol among others …
A Foncia agency, like two other institutions emblematic of this shitty world (bank, church) took some late Easter eggs (not “chocolate” huh!) filled with paint.
To all those who don’t bend to the State and its laws
Some skilled workers of disorder


Posted on 22 April 2018 by Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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