France, Nantes: Igniting excavators

On the night of Sunday to Monday, two excavators tried to end their days, here is their release:
– disgusted with serving the projects of the Nantes metropolis, serving as showcase to attract entrepreneurs and young workers by getting rid of the poor and unsuitable of this rotten world.
– enraged that almost all the huts in the eastern zone of the zad have been destroyed,
– in support of the people resisting the state and authority in all its forms there uncompromisingly.
We decided to put on a packet of firelighters along with a bottle of highly flammable liquid. That surely caused us irreversible damage, next time we’ll double the dose to be sure we can’t be recuperated. We will need accomplices for that !!

Translated by Act for freedom now!
Posted on 16 April 2018 by Attaque

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