Lecce, Italy – A year on

A year seems too short a time to shake up a country landscape and transform it into a high productivity industrial hub. But that’s what it is. Multinational TAP, aided by police forces, have managed to turn San Basilio into a hell of iron and cement a few steps away from a sixteenth century country house in the middle of the Mediterranean shrubland.
A year seems too short a time to get used to the asphyxiating presence of police forces. Wailing sirens, armoured vehicles on street corners, plain-clothes police at markets and in cafes.
Today, once again, by setting up a ‘red zone’ they want to prevent us from getting near the site, so that they can carry on with their job of devastation and plundering of this territory undisturbed.

Many have bowed their heads, surrendered to the force majeure to the point of even suppressing the simple curiosity of taking a stroll to San Basilio.
Many others didn’t.
Others decided to make San Basilio their home. A home whose door is always open to those who cast fear aside and refuse to resign themselves.
Days and nights watching there, observing any movement, getting organized to fight the devastation, make a year long enough to find the determination to be strong and hold one’s head high.
Days and nights spent in discussions but also having fun together, have transformed many people into comrades in struggle.
That’s why we were all there that night on a provincial road, facing trucks loaded with more cement barriers.
That’s why we were all there with the comrade who was arrested and accused of violence against the police.
For we know that the TAP project can be hindered and we are proud of giving it so much trouble. For we are stubborn and we know we are right.
For we know very well that violence is that of the police. That of TAP. That of economic interests.
For we’ll never give up and we know that last night will be followed by many more nights and days of resistance in San Basilio.

Posted on 2018/04/20 by Comunella Fastidiosa
Translated by act for freedom now!

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