Giffers, Switzerland – Deportation centre opened

A new deportation centre is to open today, Tuesday 3rd April, in Giffers, Switzerland. In the first stage 130 refugees will be held in the centre against their will. In 2019 up to 300 people will have to live in limited spaces, with severe restrictions. There are 50 places in reserve.
A look at the regulations shows that the State aims to inflict abuse and mechanisms of repression on the lives of people with the wrong documents, so as to intimidate them and chase them away.
There will be no possibility of cooking one’s own meals in the deportation centre. Cameras, radios, Mp3 devices and other electronic devices are to be confiscated. Drinking and smoking are prohibited. Children are not allowed to attend state schools. Restrictions are put in force with enclosures, barbed wire and video surveillance. Very little medical care is provided and only with ORS permission. People are subjected to body searches and identified with photographs and fingerprints on entering and leaving the structure. There are bars on all the windows (see picture).

The general regulations in federal centres mean a curfew from 5pm to 9am. ORS regulations limit freedom of movement even more. Time allowed for going out is limited to Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 5pm (see picture).
Quite a lot of money is being made with this racist apparatus. The refurbishment of the building alone cost 9.5 million francs. Accommodation, cleaning, legal representation and surveillance are organized in the cheapest and least attractive way so as to make huge profits. Here is a list, not yet complete, of firms taking advantage:
ORS Service AG: operations (Direction of the centre: Damian Buchs)
Securitas AG: surveillance
Caritas: legal representation
Verband schweizerisch jüdischer Fürsorgen: legal representation
Schweizerische Flüchtlingshilfe: quality checks
IOM: repatriation consultancy
Honegger AG: cleaning services
W2 Architekten: architecture and planning
TONEATTI ENGINEERING AG: building automation and electrification
Marti AG: refurbishment
Securiton: surveillance
In part these firms have been making huge profits with the asylum system for years. They are well aware of the living conditions they are creating in a centre of this kind. Now it’s up to us that they don’t get away with it so easily. So far several actions against the deportation centres of Giffers have been carried out successfully:
October 2016: sabotage on the deportation centre of Giffers
March 2017: W2 architecture office attacked with paint in Berna
March 2018: no profit from locking up refugees
Photos taken in the centre of Giffers can be seen in this link:
Translated by act for freedom now!

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