Andra sidan är ni klara?! (The other side, are you ready?!)

This is an act directed against the political spectacle of COP15 – We are not going to let the
charades of the political elite distract us from what we know needs doing.
Last night a gas-station was burnt to the ground in the city of Lund in the south of sweden, just
across the bridge from Copenhagen.

Unlike the elite gathering in Copenhagen, we consider the destruction of life a serious matter.
While they twist themselves around trying to seem concerned, they are fanning the flames of the
fires that have been consuming all life it can for hundreds of years.

The fires we build – and ignite – are those intended to rid ourselves of our shackles
and create the space to build the worlds we dream of.

We see no other solution to the situation that industrial capitalism has put us in, than burning
down gas-stations and all other monuments holding up this system. We are living in a
socio-ecological crisis, and it will remain untill we remove it’s cause.

Social war – not socio-ecological crisis

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