Chile – Comrade Tato (Natalia Collado) again in the streets!

In April 2015 comrade Tato was arrested along with Javier Pino, after being identified following the placing of an incendiary device on a public transport bus, which was almost empty.
After she was arrested, the comrade was sentenced to 3 years and one day in April 2016, and later she claimed her incendiary action.
For 3 years Tato was held in the prisons of San Miguel and San Joaquin. Because of her defiant attitude and a clash with the screws, she was sentenced again to a couple of months in prison for attacking a woman in uniform.
At last the comrade came back to the streets at the end of April 2018.
Warm and fighting greetings to her, as she is back to the streets again.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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