Dublin: Solidarity action against Bank of Ireland

Two Days after the Nakba anniversary massacre, a sabotage action in solidarity with the Palestinian resisters to the Israeli terror state was carried out. Two branches of Bank of Ireland had their locks super glued and two Bank of Ireland ATM’s were super glued. Bank of Ireland was chosen because of its and the Irish state support of Fascist Zionism.
Because of the Irish state support of Zionism, is complicit in the genocide and displacement of Palestinians. The Irish state is also complicit in the imperialist proxy wars and plundering of the Middle East because of the allowance of US military forces to use Shannon airport and for joining and becoming part of the EU military.
The Irish state, like all states, is but a tool for the ruling elite. And like all members of the elite classes, they have their vulnerable points, their banks, businesses, and property. These vulnerable points are excellent points of contact to disrupt. As well as multi-national companies, the Irish state and the ruling criminal elite need to be undermined at all levels using any and all means no matter how big or small. Demonstrations, boycotting, sit-ins, occupations, vandalism, and sabotage are but a few of the useful tools to hit them where it hurts.
Fuck the Fascist Zionist terror state
Victory to the Palestinian Resistance
Neither, Politicans, leaders, bosses, nor beuracrat:
for self-organization in struggle against power

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