Zurich – Updates on the ‘March for life’-DNA trial

Update: the compa arrested on 23/3 was released from pre-trial detention on 2nd May.
On Friday 23rd March 2018 at around 8 pm the trial against our compa concerning the 2010 wild demo in Freiestrasse and the actions of protest against the ‘March of life’ in 2013 began in Basle appeal court. While the judicial farce was taking place inside the court, leaflets were being handed out and stickers and posters were put up around the city. This small gesture of solidarity took the trial beyond the courtroom.
Inside the court, prosecutors and judges were intent on making a fine show of the total arbitrariness of justice. The court’s argument was that DNA traces found on a glove would be sufficient to declare him guilty of all charges – no matter whether he caused the damage or not – being guilty of collective guilt. All this is due to the fact that following his coherence in not answering questions (ahem, wasn’t that something like a basic right?) he would be an ideologically convinced and recidivist criminal. So the court composed of three judges confirmed the first instance and sentenced our friend to one and a half years’ jail. We are not surprised. That judges destroy our lives and steal years of our life with their interpretations without batting an eyelid only reinforces our refusal of justice and confirms the absurdity of their activities. But it makes us angry all the same that they want to lock up our friend. But what made us even more angry is that the cops
via: roundrobin.info
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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