Italy – Preliminary hearing for anarchist comrade Salvatore Vespertino (Ghespe)

The preliminary hearing against Ghespe (we point out that he was taken out of so-called Operation Panico, and has been put on trial alone simultaneously) was held in camera on 15th May at the court in Florence. Preliminary investigating judge Bagnai decided not to alter his charges in any way because in his opinion there is still serious evidence of guilt against him, and so the charges remain unchanged: attempted murder, fabrication, transport and possession of lethal explosive devices, and damage. The first hearing of the trial is to be held on 4th July 2018, and it will open to the public.
We reconfirm our solidarity with Ghespe, who has been held in the prison of Sollicciano for nine and a half months, and our hatred towards prison society and its jailers.
Freedom for Giova, Ghespe and Paska – Till the destruction of all cages – Freedom for all!

Translated by act for freedom now!

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