Sweden, Malmö Anarchist Bookfair, 15.-17. June, 2018

In a time when social struggles face increasingly harder state repression, we felt the need to organize a forum where we can meet to discuss, create and strengthen each other’s diverse forms of resistance. The Malmö Anarchist Book-Fair aims to be a meeting place and a platform for spreading anarchist ideas and informing about ongoing struggles both in Sweden and internationally. In the process of organizing the book-fair, there is a continuous discussion and effort to work in a self-organized, anti-authoritarian, feminist, anti-racist and revolutionary way. We who work with the book-fair believe in horizontal and non-delegative forms of action, organization and dissemination of knowledge/information, based on equality and solidarity.
Without equality there is no freedom and without freedom there is no equality. As anarchists, we believe in a society with a new social structure, a classless society where everyone can take place and live independently of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or ability, beyond hierarchies in an environment where everyone has the right to economic and social security. Anarchism opposes the state and its monopoly to violence as a tool for maintaining capitalist structures.
Being part of the the workgroup that organizes the Malmö Anarchist Book-Fair 2018 does not mean that we live up to our ideals. Unfortunately, we are still living in a capitalist, exploitative, patriarchal, and racist class society, but we wish the book-fair to be a place where we meet and inspire from each other’s struggles against state and capital. With the Anarchist Book-Fair, we want to give space to these ideas through presentations of books and publications within the anarchistic spectrum, but also talks, discussions and workshops. Spreading theory and practice strengthens our movement locally and globally.
We aspire that the book-fair will be a safe space, free from the structures and oppression we are fighting against and we hope that all participants will help us create such an environment. During these days, we hope that we share a feeling of communality and we identify similarities and shared goals, but also understanding of where and how our individual projects and wishes diverge.
The book fair-represents a tiny attempt to make anarchism a threat to the current political system!

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