Giannis Dimitrakis sent back to Domokos prison

While the appeal court yesterday accepted the proposal to postpone the trial (to Tuesday 15-12) of cοmrade Giannis Dimitrakis, because of his transfer to Athens one day before the trial thereby preventing the lawyer from speaking to him to prepare his defence, the State sent Giannis back to Domokos prison, some hours after the court disbanded.

According to the media:
“The lawyer of Dimitrakis, C.Papadakis defines this institutional act a scandal that ostentatiously violates a court order. The transfer of Dimitrakis fits in perfectly with the police State ,the atmosphere that prevailed at the trial and limits of the accused’s rights of defence.The lawyers had asked the court to postpone the trial,noting that, almost a month ago they made the request to transfer the accused to Korydallos prison (Athens) and have sufficient time to prepare the defense, this came just one day before the trial.”

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