Roybon, France: Some blows to the militia of the “Center Park project.

Physical aggression in the town of Roybon
Since the beginning of the occupation of Avenières wood in December 2014, several attacks on the occupants have taken place:
Blockages of access roads
Fires of barricades, living places, buildings, vehicles, forest
Physical aggression
Threats of sexual assault
Death threats
The killing of a comrade’s dog
Following these attacks, two people responsible for several of the above assaults were met on the morning of Wednesday, 6 June as they were leaving their home. One was beaten and his vehicle sabotaged. The other was able to escape and his motorcycle was burned.
In the afternoon, even searches were carried out, people were stopped and released.
It is possible to restore fear to those who exercise oppression by profession or desire.
Solidarity with the occupants of the Roybon forest!
May anti-authoritarian responses flourish!
[Posted on indymedia grenoble, Wednesday, June 13, 2018]
Translated by Act for freedom now!
via: Sans_Attendre

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