Spain – Presentation of the pamphlet “Hasta que Todes Seamos Libres” [Until all are free], in Spanish

The comrades who organized the Meeting of Anti-commercial Distributors and Editors of Palencia did another event between the end of March and the beginning of April, emailing the audio recording of a conversation that took place during the initiative, where the pamphlet  “Hasta que Todes Seamos Libres: Una Mirada Crítica Antiautoritaria a los Vicios de la Lucha Contra el Especismo” [Until all are free: a targeted antiauthoritarian critique of the faults of the struggle against specism] was presented by its author; the pamphlet was written and published by the collective of editions and distributions Distribuidora Anarquista Polaris (Galicia),
and tackles various causes and consequences of unclear political stances as well as certain radical approaches within what is known as “animalist movement” or “for animal rights”. The publication can be read and downloaded online: click here (also for the cover).
Translated by act for freedom now!

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