GREECE: POSTER AGAINST THE TAP! (Trans Adriatic Pipelines)

No to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, being built in Greece, Albania and
Italy, to transport natural gas from the Caspian sea to Europe.
In 2003 the first plans were made. In 2015 the first works started in
Albania, now the pipeline is being built as well in Greece as in Italy.
Its starting point is near the Greek village Kipoi at the Turkish border
(where it is connected to the already existing Trans Anatolian
Pipeline). From there it would cross a big part of northern Greece, run
through Albania, go into the Adriatic sea, to finally reach Salento,
Italy. Along the pipeline in Greece 22 block valve stations would be
built (points of possible interruption and/or maintenance), and 2
stations (near Kipoi and Serres) where the pressure is augmented to
improve transportation. In Italy a struggle is taking place against this
new project of power which consists of an offensive combination of
pamphlets, newspapers and posters, acts of sabotage, deomnstrations and
attacks against the structures of the pipeline itself as well as the
companies benefiting from its construction and exploitation.

Also in the
Greek region of Kavala, local people have managed on different occasions to
physically block the continuation of the works.
The State and the energy industry would like us to believe that if they
spend an unimaginable amount of money, destroy land and militarize
entire zones to build new gigantic infrastructures, it is in order
that we can live our daily lives. But besides the money flow it will
guarantee to the States and companies involved in the TAP, we should ask
ourselves, what is all this energy really for? It is not our basic
needs that demand the amounts of energy being produced today. It is the
industries of goods that keep this capitalist world going, it is the war
industry, it is the constant flux of information and ‘human capital’, it
is… It is fuel for the society which keeps on producing wealth for
some, poverty and misery for many.
Every plan realized without any real resistance is a lesson in
pacification. It carries a social message, which wants to show that our
environment does not exist, it will always be their environment. And so
they transform a field into a prison, a forest into a gas compression
station, a mountain into a gold mine, and so on and so on.
Until one rises up and throws, even by a simple act, sand in the
The tentacles of the TAP reach far. There is the pipeline in
construction itself, with its digging works, the construction of its
block valve and compression stations, spread over hundreds of
kilometres. In Greece alone there are companies like Makedoniki Etm
Ee, Siemens and Gaia SA in Thesaloniki, and Ellaktor, J&P Avax SA,
Corinth Pipeworks SA, Terna SA, Siemens, Kantor, Geomatics Sa, C&M
Engineering,  Speed SA in Athens that are directly participating in the
construction works. There are the project offices in Thessaloniki,
Athens, Komotini and Kozani. And of course there are the politicians,
their offices, holiday houses, golf courts, favourite restaurants… And
then there is every piece of infrastructure of the money, communication
and product flow of the capitalist system which the TAP wants to become
a part of.
The veins of domination spread to many places. With subversive
creativity we can trace and interrupt them…
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