Göttingen, Germany : Paint against CDU and deportations

In the night of Tuesday 24/4/18 we attacked the main site of the CDU party in Goe with paint. Solidarity with those who suffers State repression – Documents for all – Deportation is murder!
The CDU party carries out an inhuman and racist refugee and deportation policy. So following the will of the federal government (CDU/CSU e SPD) people who look for shelter and a future here should be deported again not only to Bulgaria but also Afghanistan – a country torn by war. The red-black government of Bassa Sassonia is also part of this.
After police wanted to brutally impose illegal deportation to Bulgaria on a person on Monday night in Witzenhausen, we got very angry. This is a policy that puts human lives at stake, and also about sixty people who didn’t stand by and watch were injured with pepper spray, beatings and dogs.
Bangin’s deportation to Bulgaria, a country whose refugees might well be granted asylum but they can hardly escape police’s racist violence and social disadvantages, could have been stopped with only with a defence claim within the deportation jail.
Deportation is murder!
No deportations anywhere!
Right to remain for all!
– Kommando Horst Seehofer –

Source: chronik.blackblogs.org
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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