Italy – ”Operation Scripta Manent”: on witnesses’ statements in the bunker court

A witness, a so-called ‘person informed of the facts’, is always a prosecutor’s product. An identity, a role, a belonging are built up around the individual, according to the use that the counterpart wants to make of it. A summons, in fact, has a very precise goal and can’t be separated from the aim it wants to achieve. As the many investigations in the 1970s and not only have demonstrated, the use of instruments such as this one serves to divide, attack and make many subversive groups implode during trials. A witness’s statement is one of the levers on which a prosecutor’s action is based, so that the latter can build up his/her investigation, his/her condemnation.
About two months ago I was summoned to the bunker court in Turin as a witness in the operation Scripta Manent. The interrogation was to deal with the reasons and contents of my exchanging letters with the defendants.
The aim of my summons was quite clear to me from the beginning: they wanted to use me to plant counterpositions between people, comrades, individuals; to make me say harsh words against those arrested, take distances, make distinctions; the background echoing in that court was that of a veiled request for dissociation.

To isolate a group of people, try to burn bridges all around them so as to make the actions they are accused of, their words and claims more abominable and even more punishable.
My answers in their various forms, on the contrary, wanted to highlight my full and absolute solidarity with the imprisoned and investigated comrades.
The construction of an investigation is always an artifice, a frame-up, a monstrosity delivered by minds accustomed to dirty things, and as such must always be refused and ridiculed; what a prosecutor says is always a lie. Of course we are not victims. Anarchists are never victims, never innocent.
So what should we do?
Refuse the prosecutors’ words, their constructions. Refuse the categories, compartments, typologies modelled by prosecutor Sparagna.
Refuse all this rubbish.
But also understand that each individual is different from the other, each is animated by their tensions, desires, practices, however different, each chooses, elaborates, tries and retries.
Furthermore in the flow of the troubled waters in which we all move, criticisms, clashes and counterpositions are necessary and are basically the salt of the anarchist movement.
This said, finally refuse summons.
To oppose this dynamic, the prosecutors’ manipulations, might well be a small and banal signal, but it is worth sending it to the counterpart.
For reasons I won’t be explaining here, last February I decided to be present before the judges; if I am to be summoned again I’ll refuse the cordial compulsory invitation, and face the stupid consequences.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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